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2018 Medicare Costs at a Glance

On Medicare.Gov

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Part A premium

Most people don't pay a monthly premium

But it could be up to $422 each month.

Part A hospital inpatient


$1,340 deductible for each benefit period

Part B premium

The standard Part B premium amount is $134

Part B deductible

and coinsurance

$183 per year.

Part C premium

The Part C monthly premium varies by plan.

Part D premium

The Part D monthly premium varies by plan (higher-income consumers may pay more).


Medicare is complex, and even experts use reference materials to assure that they are in compliance with Federal regulation, and that the information they share is accurate and correct. The penalty for inaccuracy is loss of license.

Boom! Find another job.

Ever wonder what they use?

I will give you the four best Federal reference works directly from absolutely free. I will even throw in a fifth reference, an incredibly useful chart that I found while doing my own professional research.

You have questions, like where you can find your lowest cost, how expensive your coverage will be, and what help is there for costs that Medicare does not pay. I get these questions every day.

There's tons of information out there, some is good, some…not so much. As a professional, what I need is the best, the easiest to use, the clearest organization, the most complete information that I can find. That’s what you need too.

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