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I have been looking at other websites, and it seems that all they want is your information. To get it, they offer a free online quote.

And to get this quote, you have to tell them EVERYTHING! After that, it turns out that the quote is not even binding.

We know you are going to need a quote, but why should you give all that information when you don't even know what the plan does? Lets start with what the plans offer.

Our business model is to provide the complete protection picture for seniors. This includes Medicare supplements, Medicare Part D, Final expense insurance, Dental and Vision coverage, and a discount plan to make everything work together just a little better. And after you have had a look, if you want a quote, we will talk with you in person, to make sure you are getting the right plan. Thats the way we do things. Old school.

Insurance is a profession, and protection is not one-size fits all. We don't sell your private information, EVER. Slow it down and talk with a professional about YOUR needs.

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Cost effective plans to improve on Original Medicare.

Prescription Drug plans for Medicare

Dental and Vision plans for everyone, including seniors!

Helpful in many many ways. Have a look.

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Medicare (and other) information and downlaods.



Audio information for those on the go!


Whats so difficult about Part D?

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